4 Amazing Space Music Bands to checkout

4 Amazing Space Music Bands to checkout

Everyone has come across Space and Astro-themed movies and series, In the advent of the science-fiction era, these are pretty common. But, things get pretty interesting when music is driven by these themes. Artists use their interpretation of the universe and everyone has got a different story to tell. Here are some picks which use space music.

 1. Gojira

 Space Music

This French metal band Gojira has always had environment-based themes to their music. But things got interesting in their Album ‘From Mars to Sirius’ (2005) where, in the track ‘The heaviest matter of the universe’ they talk about the astral experiences in which they are taken across the universe, they say how they are traveling at light speed and gliding on the Event horizon of the Blackhole. Another similar song ‘Space-time’ from their earlier album which also tells the experience of space travel. All of these fit into the theme of Space music.

The track that caught my attention was ‘To Sirius’, here they mention leaving the solar system and going to Sirius C. This is a reference to the Dogon tribe’s myth that there is a third star in the Sirius system along with Sirius A and Sirius B. Mysteriously, the Dogon tribe knew about the Sirius star(s) long before the west and they say in ancient times some extraterrestrial creatures visited them from the Sirius and told them about the Sirius star system, they called these people as Nommo.

2. Pink Floyd

Space Music by Stargazing Mumbai

Who in 1967 would have imagined that music can be abstract? In Pink Floyd‘s debut album, ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’ two tracks caught my attention, first one was ‘Astronomy Domine, this track talked about floating in the solar system, going to Jupiter, Saturn and also mentions Uranus’ moons Oberon, Miranda and Titania this track was based on then member Syd Barrett’s LSD experience, it was pretty common in the 60s. The other was ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ it is a 10-minute instrumental piece. In 10 minutes it builds up tension and releases it just like a space trip. Although the track is long, it is an abstract piece around the theme of space music. 

 Another album by them worth a mention is ‘Dark Side of the Moon’(1973) it is a concept album that talks about Time, Life, Death, Conflict in an abstract way.

3. Jinjer

Space Music By Stargazing Mumbai

Jinjer is a female-lead Ukrainian Prog-metal band. They recently released a new track called ‘Vortex’. This track indirectly talks about Blackholes metaphorically and they use the term Vortex, heavy, swirl, spin in their song to describe the heaviness and the crumble. Their other track ‘I speak Astronomy’ (2016) talks about transcending parallel worlds and mentioning supernovae, singularity, dark matter. Could this be more space music?

 4. Rings of Saturn

Space Music

Even the name of this band, ‘Rings of Saturn‘ is so spacey and so is their music. Their music is themed around alien life, invasion, outer space. Some of their tracks are ‘Parallel shift’ (2017), ‘Servant of this Sentience’(2017), ‘Face of the wormhole’(2019). Even their album art is so different. This shows that no matter what type of music someone makes, all that matters is the reason/theme behind it.

Other mentions 

These bands are not the end of space music, and there are other amazing pieces that deserve to be mentioned. ‘Aliens exist’ by Blink-182, ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie, ‘Valleys of Neptune’ by Jimi Hendrix. The song ‘Lateralus’ by Tool is not space-themed but Philosophical, the interesting thing is that the Fibonacci sequence is infused in the rhythm patterns and lyric timings.

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