Astronomical Events in February 2024

Top Astronomical Events in February- 2024

February 2024 offers celestial spectacles: Mars meets the Moon on the 3rd-4th, Saturn on the 7th, and Jupiter on the 16th. Mercury shines brightest on the 10th, Venus dazzles on the 13th, and Venus pairs with the Moon on the 24th. Mars and Neptune unite on the 28th. Stargazers, mark your calendars!

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Quadrantid meteor shower

Starry Party in January: Join the Quadrantid Meteor Shower 2024

The annual Quadrantid meteor shower peaks around January 4th and 5th, originating from the asteroid 2003 EH1. Known for intense, brief displays with bright fireballs, it’s one of the year’s strongest showers. Best observed pre-dawn in a dark sky, patience and clear weather enhance the experience.

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