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Stargazing & Camping at Mahuli Village

Want to enjoy a blissful stargazing and camping experience from the nearest dark sky to Mumbai? Starparty at Mahuli is one of the best kinds to experience the beauty of the night sky just 2 hours drive from Mumbai!

Enjoy a celestial extravaganza under crystal clear skies accompanied by scenic views of Mahuli Fort. Enjoy the Stargazing & camping experience with the largest telescopes, the experienced team, and delicious food!

Mahuli Village, Asangaon

₹ 1899/ person

11th May 2024

The west of the place faces the stubborn Mahuli Fort which offers a scenic and aesthetic view. The night sky experience is truly unique One can truly have an amazing stargazing and camping experience with the best stargazing team with their largest telescopes near Mumbai.


  • Overnight stargazing charges
  • High Tea and snacks on reaching the site.
  • Dinner( Veg)
  • Three times Tea, Drinking water.
  • Breakfast for the next morning before leaving the site
  • Stay facility in the tent (three sharing).

Cost won’t include

Transportation (Rs. 200 rupees extra for transportation between Asangaon stn. and Mahuli Village)
Anything which is not mentioned in the above.

  • Carry your id proof like aadhaar card, pan card, driving licence.
    Carry warm cloths (Jackets, sweaters, shawl). The temperature considerably (13-14 Degrees) drops during the night time.
  • The Campsite is close to the forest area so please wear socks and shoes if possible.
  • Carry a torch, you will need it in the dark. Also don’t forget to cover it with red cellophane paper (gelatin paper).
  • We will advise you to carry some snacks and soft drinks since you won’t be able to buy anything around the field. Please carry drinking water bottle, you will be able to refill the water.
  • Carry your medication and mosquito repellent cream.
  • Carry a Diary and Pen in case you would want to make note of things.
  • Tents other than the ones set up by us are not allowed. Please do not carry any personal tents of your own.
  • Drinking and smoking in the observation field are strictly prohibited.
  • Basic washroom facility is available at campsite.
  • This is an edutainment program. All are requested to maintain the spirit of the program and co-operate. No unruly behaviour toward fellow participants will be tolerated.
  • Parking facility for private vehicles are available.
  • No one should wander off the field. Do not visit the forest area on your own even during the day time.
  • Any kind of misbehaviour which causes a disturbance to other participants will not be tolerated and immediate action will be taken against the person or the group.
  • An important point to remember Stargazing Mumbai is a voluntary base group of some Amateur Astronomers, our aim is to spread and popularise Astronomy.
  • We do not call unless requested from your side. We have official email id: and phone number: + 91 9112662662, + 91888988422. These are the only mode we will use for contacting you. Please be aware that we will not be calling/ emailing from any other number/ email id.

Reach Asangaon station at 4:30 PM

Those coming by Private Vehicle have to reach before 6:00 pm at Campsite

  • 5:30 : Head towards the Mahuli Village
  • 6:00 : Reach at Stargazing Mumbai Mahuli Observation Site
  • 6:30- 7:00 pm: Registrations
  • 6:30 – 7:30 pm: Sightseeing and Evening Snacks
  • 7:30 – 8:00 pm: Orientation and Introduction to the night sky
  • 8:00 – 9:00 pm: Constellation Session I
  • 9:00 – 10:00 pm: Telescope Viewing I
  • 10:00 – 11:00 pm: Dinner Break
  • 11:00 – 12:00 pm: Astronomical talk by expert followed by Q&A
  • 12:00 – 12:30 am: Constellation Session II
  • 12:30 – 1:30 am : Telescope Viewing II
  • 01:30 – 2:00 : Tea Break
  • 2:00 – 2:30 am: Constellation ( Nakshatra ) Session III
  • 2:30 – 3:30 am: Telescope Viewing III
  • 3:30- 5:00 am: Telescope Viewing IV (Enjoy the Sleeping in Tent)
  • 5:00- 7:30 am : Rest Time for all
  • 7:30- 8:15 am : Breakfast
  • 8:00- 9:00 am: Watch Sun through Telescope
  • 9:00 am : Event End

This itinerary and Stargazing are subject to clear skies – in case the skies get cloudy the organisers may not be able to do much and a refund will not be possible.

This being said, keep your fingers crossed for clear skies.

  • Prior Registration and payment is compulsory for all the participants.
  • You will be responsible for your personal belongings. If you are carrying telescopes, binoculars, tripods stands, camera etc., then please be careful with your own equipment. We will help you with setting the instruments, if you require it.
  • Smoking and Drinking Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the field. Drunken participants will be asked to leave the field immediately. The organisers reserve the right to remove offending participants from the field.
  • Stargazing Mumbai is not liable in any form for any kind of medical emergencies during the event.

We accept only online payment for this event, kindly click on the button below. It will take you to various ticket options. We have three separate options available. Kindly go through them carefully before selecting one.

Overnight Stargazing and Camping Ticket- 1899/ ticket

Child Ticket – Overnight Stargazing and Camping – 1599/ ticket

Transportation Ticket – 200/ ticket

 Private Tent – 600 / Tent

Please do not forget to carry an e-ticket (recommended, let’s save the trees) or hard copy.

We do not get network on the field so please download the ticket or take a screenshot in case of e-ticket. If you have questions, kindly go through our FAQ page. If your questions are still not answered feel free to call us.

  1. If Event cancellation done by participant by any time 5% amount will be deducted.
  2. If Event cancellation done by participant prior to 15 days of Event 80% of total price will be refunded.
  3. If Event cancellation done by participant prior to 10 days of Event 60% of total price will be refunded.
  4. If Event cancellation done by participant prior to 5 days of Event 50% of total price will be refunded.
  5. After that no refund will be provided on Event cancellation done by participant, irrespective even if you’ve booked within the last 5 days.
  6. Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another date against cancellation.
  7. If event gets canceled we will refund Event amount only.
  • Private vehicle: People traveling by private vehicle can use Google Maps to reach our location. You can access the link by clicking here.
  • Public transport: People traveling by public transport can reach Asangaon station by central railway. We will have a bus ready near the station to take you to our Mahuli Observation site. You are expected to reach the Asangaon Station between 4:30 pm and we are leaving from Asangaon station at 5:00 pm.
The local train Time-Table is changed now, please check the new timetable on the M-indicator.
  • What does the ticket cost include?
    The stargazing ticket includes evening snacks, dinner, breakfast, and tea. It does NOT include the transport cost. If you require transport from the Asangaon Station, you will have to book a transport ticket in addition to the stargazing ticket.
  • Will there be a bonfire included?
    No, we do not include bonfires as this fails the purpose of stargazing. Our sessions are scheduled to cover most of the night in order to observe a maximum number of deep-sky objects. As the night progresses, new constellations rise, this provides us an opportunity to witness several different objects through telescopes.
    Further, bonfires serve as a hindrance as the light from the fire affects our eye’s adaptation to the dark night sky. It will not allow us to see the naked eye astronomical objects and the fainter stars that would otherwise be clearly visible without the light. The smoke from the fire will also block the night sky hence resulting in a poor stargazing experience. Our event field sites are carefully selected in order to provide one of the clearest skies around Mumbai. We hope to provide the audience with a worthwhile astronomical experience that is difficult and not easily available under the city skies. Hence, our events are planned out so that the participants can make the maximum of these starry nights.
  • How far is Mahuli from the Asangaon Station?
    The Dehene site is 5km from the Asangaon Station.
  • How is the road condition?
    The roads to the site are very well-developed. It will pose no issue for vehicles.
  • How far is the Dehene site from the National Highway?
    The site is 4km from NH-548A.
  • Are washrooms and drinking water available?
    Yes, we have makeshift washrooms and available drinking water supply. It is recommended to carry bottles which can be refilled.
  • Will there be a network on the field?
  • Will there be security?
    Our facilities extend to a certain limit in the field. Lights are fencing the field to ensure security. However, if you wander off the site, we will not be responsible.

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