Stargazing in the Himalayas

5 best places for Stargazing in the Himalayas

When one thinks of stargazing, stargazing in the Himalayas presents an opportunity of a lifetime for a stargazing enthusiast who is also in love with the Himalayan range. Imagine a canvas painted not with strokes, but with a breathtaking view of a million twinkling stars. The Milky Way stretches across…

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Stargazing at Spiti Valley

Top 6 Places in India with best night sky for stargazing and astrophotography

Stargazing enthusiasts flock to India’s Spiti Valley and Ladakh for unparalleled experiences. In Spiti Valley, high-altitude deserts offer clear skies, while Ladakh boasts stunning landscapes and minimal light pollution. From capturing the Milky Way to spotting constellations, these destinations promise unforgettable stargazing adventures and breathtaking astrophotography opportunities.

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