Internship Opportunity

Start your cosmic journey with an amazing team

At Stargazing Mumbai we are looking for highly motivated individuals who’d join our team and hop on our spaceship to explore the universe.

Process of Selection:

1.Read through the details of the Internship and fill theInternship Application Form”

2.Selected candidates will then be interviewed. This could also include tasks based on which candidate would be chosen..

3.Based on the interview, you’d officially be a part of the Stargazing Mumbai Crew. 


The only qualification required is the passion for Astronomy and the willingness to learn & collaborate with the team.

Anyone between the age of 18 – 30 years are welcome to apply. What we are looking for are individuals who are willing to take ownership, responsibility and initiative when it comes to work. Punctuality and Integrity are very important values in the Stargazing Mumbai Crew.

Roles & Responsibilities:

1.Primary responsibility will be to help with the organisation and implementation of the events to be conducted by Stargazing Mumbai.

2.In addition to the event, we have various opportunities which you can choose as per your skill set and liking.

Time commitment:

This won’t be the typical 9 to 5 internship. Instead, the time will depend on the amount of the work available. And tasks will mostly be work from home type. Approximately about 3-5 hours of work per week will be the workload. We would all meet once a month at a predestined location to indulge ourselves in cosmic conversations. Interns are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions. Additionally in the Stargazing season from November to May you will be expected to join us for events (mostly on Saturdays) out of the city. Dates for the stargazing events will be shared in advance. And a minimum of 1 event per month will be compulsory for attendance, in case if the attendance at these events falters the internship completion certificate will not be awarded.


 10 months (August 2019 – May 2020).

Last Date of Application : 22nd July 2019

What’s in it for you?

Apart from hanging out with a bunch of Space nerds you will get theoretical and practical training in Astronomy. From handling telescopes to understanding basic cosmological concepts, our training modules will ensure your thirst for knowledge is addressed. In addition to that there are some key skills that you will be able to gain while working with us – public speaking, collaboration, agility and basic knowledge in conducting events. 

About the events:

Overnight Public/ Private Stargazing Session:

>>Once a month public event 

>>Conducted on weekend (Saturday evening to Sunday Morning)

>>Sometime such events are conducted in collaboration with different groups

Intracity events: 

>>Few hours within the city typically 2 hour event

>>This may include but not limited to sidewalk events, colleges/ school events.


All those completing 10 month internship with us will get a certificate of participation and a letter of appreciation based on his/her performance.

For any further details feel free to contact us at or Call us +91 8888988422

** Stargazing Mumbai does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.