Why Stargazing is good for you? Best recreational activity

“Why Stargazing is good for you?” : written by Nilesh Bandekar”

Stargazing Near mumbai

We humans have been gazing into the night sky for a very very very long time! Stargazing is becoming very popular these days. But how can this simple act of gazing into the dark sky be beneficial for you? Don’t worry, we’re here for you to understand why stargazing is good for you!

“Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.” – Carl Sagan

Our ancestors used to wonder about these things that sparkled into the dark sky. We are curious beings and we want to know what our place is in this vast universe, don’t we? Stargazing allows a direct connection between us and the universe. You might feel small while looking at all the stars in our galaxy and planets in our solar system but at the same time, you will feel blessed to be able to witness this beauty of the cosmos! To be inside the blanket of stars and gaze into infinite space, is such a blissful experience!

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Stargazing is free and easily accessible. Anyone can look up and enjoy the beauty of the galaxy that we live in. Most of the planets of our solar system are visible to the naked eye during nighttime. But having a telescope is going to enhance your experience, as it brings stars & planets much closer to you! Even if you don’t own a telescope, you can attend a Stargazing event, there you can get to know about our Milkyway galaxy, learn about the mythology behind the constellations & get a chance to tune in with the universe. You will feel connected with the stars while stargazing because that’s where we came from. We’re made of Starstuff!


It has been found that Stargazing is good for your mental health. It helps you relieve all the stress & calm yourself. There are two main reasons behind this. One is that it allows you to reconnect with nature as you might move away from the city to a place having less light pollution for a better stargazing experience. And nature has its way of relieving our stress, right? It offers you time away from all the noise and distractions of your daily routine. The second reason is that Stargazing will leave you in such awe that you will forget all the sorrow. All the bad things happening in your life will feel tiny when you look up into the stars. This will ultimately help you increase productivity.


Stargazing Near Mumbai

Stargazing can also bring light to your creativity! How? While looking up, you can think of an almost infinite number of possibilities that exist in the universe. It’s a door to imagination having no boundaries! You can be an artist, a writer or a poet, this night sky setting will give your brain a whole new perspective to think about. You can also show your creativity by doing Astrophotography. With the latest advancements in technology, you can capture the light coming from stars afar in the form of a photo. With proper instruments, you can capture images of planets in our solar system, nebulae in our galaxy or even images of other galaxies!


If you’re attending a Stargazing Mumbai event, then it will also help you to socialise. You can meet people coming from different places having different backgrounds but sharing the same curiosities. It creates a very good atmosphere and a positive vibe around us. Discussing stories of the constellations, understanding our relationship with the stars and learning scientific facts about the universe is a wholesome experience. It refreshes our minds!

There’s always something new to learn about Stargazing. It will never get boring. Whenever you feel down, just look up in the night sky and the stars will cheer you up because these are the things that always shine bright in the dark sky!

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