Whirpool Galaxy

10 Amazing Deep Sky Objects to Observe in May

As the spring skies begin to clear and the weather warms up, May is the perfect time to break out your telescope and explore the universe’s wonders. From distant galaxies to luminous clusters, there are a plethora of deep-sky objects just waiting to be discovered. So grab your star charts…

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Stargazing in the Himalayas

5 best places for Stargazing in the Himalayas

When one thinks of stargazing, stargazing in the Himalayas presents an opportunity of a lifetime for a stargazing enthusiast who is also in love with the Himalayan range. Imagine a canvas painted not with strokes, but with a breathtaking view of a million twinkling stars. The Milky Way stretches across…

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Summer Triangle

Summer Triangle : Amazing Secrets of The 3 Celestial Giants

In the vast expanse of the summer night sky, the Summer Triangle, with its trio of brilliant stars—Deneb, Vega, and Altair—beckons, harboring captivating secrets waiting to be unveiled. As April strides in, bringing warmth and the sight of ripe mangoes everywhere, it’s like nature’s way of whispering, “Summer is coming!”…

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