About us

''The sky is the limit. You never have the same experience twice''.

The sky is full of possibilities and experiences, why not chase them all? The two co-founders Sandip and Pooja started 'Stargazing Mumbai' as their passion project. Soon, many like minded passionate amateur astronomers joined them and a stellar team was born; exploring the different dimensions of Astronomy together. Over the 4 years the team has woven a myriad experiences around the night skies - whether it be unique stories of the constellations, games to engage and learn about Space Science or explore the infinite offerings of Astronomy; they've got you covered.

What sets this team apart is not only their constant drive to innovate, engage but also to blend the art & science of the night skies! Despite their humble beginnings they have engaged 8000+ people through their Mahuli stargazing events and have conducted 50+ experiential events. Now with their ammunition of 8 telescopes they are all set to spread Astronomy across the multiverses - making it the holy sacred grail, accessible to all.