The Mysterious Origins of the Pyramids. Polaris, Giza Pyramid, Orion Correlation Theory

“The Mysterious Origins of Pyramids” By Rohit Nair

From the ancient period, Pyramids are considered to have connections with astronomy. Mainly, this concentrates on constellations, star patterns, sky maps, etc…  The main focus of this connection with astronomy lies around the Giza Pyramid Complex. This famous Egyptian Monument consists of the Great Sphinx, the Pyramid of Menkaure, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

Pyramid of Giza


    The reason behind these mysteries mainly dives into the realms of Stars and constellations. Many researchers have laid a lot of theories on the mysteries related to the Pyramid’s structure. There was a famous astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyth, who calculated the ratio of the slopes to be 10:9 and also the distance between pyramids which came out to be around 91840000 miles approximately close to  Earth-Sun distance, which was a coincidence. Later, it faced criticism for being more religious, fictional, and non-scientific reasons. 

One of the observations made by Smyth attracted an investigator who was related to Descending Passage. The interesting fact about this passage is through the surface opening, we are able to capture a small portion of the sky close to the celestial pole. 

During that era, Polaris- the current Pole star, was not visible due to the precision of Earth. Smyth calculated the pole star of that era, which was 3.7 mag Thuban(Alpha Draconis), and made conclusions on the pyramid period around 2123 and 3440 B.C.  

John Faed
John Faed


A famous hypothesis that revolves around the Giza Pyramids is Orion Correlation Theory. This Hypothesis is considered to be one of the most controversial ones which was put on by Robert Bauval, author and lecturer. 

It was believed that the three pyramids Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, were designed in such a way that it resembles much like the Star alignment of the Orion Belt. These pyramids were made far from the Nile River, which was considered to be the central place for civilization.

When research took place, they found that Alnitak-Khufu, Alnilam-Khafre, and Mintaka-Menkaure the stars and pyramids, respectively coupled with each other. One catching fact is that the angular separation between Khufu-Alnitak is less than 3′ or 1.356°, which is not resolvable by our human eyes. 

Later, they re-calculated with values between 5′ and 10′. The error made by Egyptian Engineers strengthens the star-pyramid compatibility. 

Another surprising fact related to pyramids and stars is their arrangement overall on the ground base. If we rotate the base 180°, the northernmost star Mintaka is placed over the southernmost pyramid Menkaure and we can see that the star pyramid has opposite arrangements.

According to the sky map, when the stars of the Orion Belt are at their highest culmination we can see the overlap of the star pyramid. But to achieve a superimpose of the pairs we need to calibrate 15.3° anticlockwise rotation.

These facts related to the Giza Complex made everyone enthusiastic and attracted to this fantastic Hypothesiseven many non-astronomy background people. 

Many other archaeoastronomical facts Egyptians have explored throughout their periods. Some excavations as mentioned above are either related to stars or some coincidental relation with any sky constellation. All these have hardcore excavations and some of them are just theories with no proof.

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