Jupiter Venus Conjuction Jupiter Venus Conjuction

Jupiter Venus Conjunction Event in Mumbai

On the request of the mass, we are back with yet another public event!!!
This time we invite you to witness the spectacular conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Venus.
This special public event will take place at Priyadarshini Park, where you can get a spectacular sight of the Conjunction of our beloved planets through the telescope followed by watching moon through the telescope

1st March 2023

Priyadarshani Park, Mumbai

Public Event

Free for all

Stargazers can see a unique night sky occurrence as two of our solar system’s brightest planets, Jupiter and Venus will meet in conjunction and this conjunction will be seen after sunset. both planets were separated by 29 degrees at the beginning of this month and are now progressively approaching each other.

On March 1, from Mumbai, the pair will become visible around 18:57 (IST), 26° above your western horizon, as dusk fades to darkness. They will then sink towards the horizon, setting 2 hours and 8 minutes after the Sun at 20:51.

Venus will be at mag -4.0, and Jupiter at mag -2.1, both in the constellation Pisces.

The pair will be a little too widely separated to fit comfortably within the field of view of a telescope, but will be visible to the naked eye or through a pair of binoculars.

Read more about Jupiter Venus Conjunction :

The Spectacular Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus 


Priyadarshini Park, Nepean Road Malabar Hill, Mumbai

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