What is difference between Mahuli and Dehane event?

Dehane event focuses more on observational astronomy and astrophotography. We focus on deep sky object viewing. We have a smaller group for dehane compared to Mahuli. Dehane is all inclusive package. It includes meals, stay in the tent and transportation from Asangaon station and back. This session is for the people who want to dive deeper into stargazing and astrophotography.

Do we have washrooms and drinking water?

Yes, we do have basic amenities available like washrooms and drinking water available. Please carry you bottle to refill water. 

What about Security?

The area is fenced and we take care of the security around the field. If you wander off the field it won’t be our responsibility.

Do we have mosquitoes?

We do not face mosquito problems but it it advised to carry mosquito repellent.

Are tents available at Mahuli?

No. We do not have tent facility at Mahuli.

What is the distance of Patil farm from highway or Asangaon station?

Approximately 7km.

Who can attend the program?

Anyone who is interested to learn or enjoy stargazing can attend the this program. No prior knowledge is required.