Astronomical Events in November 2022, Lunar Eclipse, Leonids meteor shower

”Astronomical Events in November 2022 written by Ayush Mehta”

While few space phenomena are exceedingly rare occurring only once every thousand or even billions of years there are several monthly astronomical events that are a sight to behold, so the cosmic event set to happen in the month of November 2022 might just blow your socks off. So get out your telescope because there is no time to sleep.

  1. Saturn Moon Conjunction

2 November 2022

The month begins in the night sky as the ringed planet Saturn approaches our moon quite closely although they will technically be thousands of miles away they will appear to be in the same spot in the night sky the event can be observed with Naked Eyes in the constellation capricornus don’t forget to keep your telescopes close by in case you wish to spy on one of Saturn’s moons for aliens

  1. Jupiter Moon Conjunction

5 November 2022

The moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, a few days later making it the second planet to do so this month. If you want to see this stunning display with your own eyes, keep an eye out for both celestial bodies in the constellation of pisces . Once more a telescope can provide a clear picture of Jupiter’s moons

3. Total Lunar Eclipse

8 November 2022

The Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8 2022 is without a doubt the most anticipated event of the month and year eclipses are an infrequent occurrence yet they are extremely fascinating to observe the total lunar eclipse of November 8 2022 will last an hour and a half the Earth’s brilliant Red Shadow will completely cover the moon’s face altering the Hue of the Moon as we know it unlike a solar eclipse the eclipse blood moon may be safely observed with the naked eye the second and the last total lunar eclipse of 2022 will occur before sunrise on November 8th .

Lunar Eclipse

  1. Full Beaver Moon

8 November 2022

The night of the lunar eclipse is also a full moon night One can Savor the Splendor of our moon on this night .November’s full moon is sometimes referred to as the beaver moon in honor of the Beavers who construct their winter dams during this time of year if you have a telescope this is a fantastic time to observe the moon’s Highlands and craters.

Stargazing Mumbai

  1. Uranus at Opposition

9 November 2022

An opposition is a Celestial event in which a planet lies opposite the sun around the same time the Earth comes in the middle of the planet and the sun, as the seventh planet in our solar system gets closer to opposition the first evenings of astronomical fall will offer a fantastic opportunity to view Uranus in the night sky. Uranus will make its closest approach to Earth around this time. It is a good period to watch the seventh planet as it will also be slightly brighter than usual.

6.Northern Taurid Meteor Shower 2022

The northern Taurid meteor shower in Mid-November is typically a minor meteor shower that often goes unnoticed but this year might be a year to view the event as the northern torrid’s will bring some added Intrigue in 2022. The meteor shower is known for bringing incredibly bright Fireballs that illuminate the entire sky for a few seconds. There seems to be a seven year period with these Fireballs 2008 and 2015 both produced remarkable fireball activity. The meteor shower is named after the radiant point of the shower which is located in the constellation of Taurus During the period of its activity it is predicted to produce about five to ten meteors per hour the best time to view this meteor shower is after midnight.

  1. Leonid Meteor Shower 2022

18 November 2022

The second and probably the best meteor shower of this month ,the meteor shower gets its name from the constellation Leo the point in the sky from where the meteor showers originate, the Leonid meteor shower is caused due to the debris left by the comet 55p commonly known as Comet Temple Tuttle. Unlike other cosmological events a meteor shower does not require the use of any expensive equipment like telescope or binoculars; these shooting stars can easily be seen with Naked Eyes. The meteor shower will be active from 6 November to 30 November producing its peak rate of meteors around 18 November at its peak the shower will produce a staggering 15 to 20 meters per hour which is regarded as very high in the world of astronomy the meteor shower can be seen from anywhere across the globe this event should not be missed at any cost.

Leonids Meteor Shower

  1. Overnight Stargazing Session at Mahuli

19 November 2022

Stargazing for the first time? Don’t worry. The Stargazing at Mahuli will be a perfect initiation for you into astronomy.

All you have to do is enjoy the beautiful skyline of the Mahuli mountain ranges and gaze at the stars under the open skies with us. Just 1.5 hours from the city our Mahuli sessions offer a perfect blend of experiences & education in Astronomy.

Stargazing at Mahuli

  1. Starparty at Dehene

26 November 2022

Stargazing and Camping at Dehene is the perfect weekend getaway. If you want out from the busy city life, indulge in great skies, and have some great conversations, we’ve got you back. Far from the concrete jungles and amidst the beautiful Sahyadri mountains, the star parties will rejuvenate you for your week(s) up ahead.

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